What’s your excuse for not connecting with your customers/clients?

connecting with your clients/customers

I was speaking with a colleague this week about a potential advertiser who wanted to secure “leads” as a part of the deal. My colleague told me that this company doesn’t use email or even have a fax machine. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? And just so you know, this isn’t some Mom and Pop, nickel and dime store. This is a large company with a presence throughout the northeast.

 So maybe that is the extreme example and just maybe I am the other extreme. I’ll admit that between, email, voicemail, text, cell phones (yes, that is plural), blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media, maybe I am a little overly connected. So where do you see yourself or your business?

 I am not going to go into how important it is to stay connected to your customer or client base. There are many, many people much smarter then I to preach those virtues. But given all these tools that are available (many of which are FREE) why not make yourself available to your clients/customers? You might be surprised how a phone call, an email, a follow, or “friend-ing” someone can create a connection that is so much better then an expensive print or web ad.

 I know that some feel social media isn’t for every company or person. If you don’t feel you have the time or resources, you’re best choice might be to stay away. Many would argue differently. At the very least, have real contact information on your website and reply to voice mail and email in a timely manner. Treat your customers and clients like you would like to be treated if not better.

 In these days of hyper-connectivity, what is your excuse for not connecting with your clients/customers?