Random Thought: How many sports fundamentals apply in business?


Ok, this really is random. I love playing sports, basketball, golf, and tennis, really I’ll play just about any sport. I play in a volleyball league on Monday nights. Last night the team we played had several big hitters, forcing my team to “DIG” some heavily hit spikes. The fundamentals of digging are first and most important, positioning and secondly having quick reactions. Instinctively, we put ourselves in the proper position (well, most of the time). If our blocker is blocking the line, we in the back move to cover the angle. Likewise, if the blocker blocks the angle we move to cover the line. Reacting to the hit is extremely important, but without proper positioning it won’t help you.

After the match, I starting thinking (scary, I know). In business, in a good market or bad, you have to position your company properly and you have to be able and willing to react quickly to a changing market. I thought it was interesting anyway…

What other sports fundamental do you apply to your business?