iOS v Android (oh and Windows Mobile)

MAC iOS versus Google Android and Window Mobile
Years ago I ranted on the MAC vs. PC debate, and asked the questions, what's the big deal? The extremists on both sides get so upset. You could NEVER convince a PC guy (not always guys but usually) that the UI on a MAC is better (which it is). You could never convince a MAC guy that any Microsoft or PC product could ever be in any way better than an Apple product (and there absolutely are some).

Over the years it is funny and at times annoying to watch this debate, but it has changed. More and more it’s become about the mobile OS and not the desktop/laptop OS. The usual suspects are present; the MAC and PC zealots and the new entrant, Google.

I have configured, installed and used MAC, PC and Android devices. You MAC folks can say what you want about Android, but if you have used the latest versions (and heck even Windows Mobile 7 for that matter), the GUI is getting better. Is it as slick as iOS, no. But it is getting closer and in some cases 1/2 to 1/3 the price.

There is a reason that Google’s Android is dominating the global mobile OS market. It amuses me when that comes as such a shock to some. If you read the mainstream media, you would think that everyone across the world has an iPhone. In fact, Apples iOS doesn’t own marketshare in the US either. Don’t believe me? Google it.

I know, I know…iOS sends more traffic, or Apple has more app downloads…blah, blah, blah. I REALLY don’t care. My point in even bring that up is that there is a new player in the market. To me, that is a great thing.

I believe there is a great product to suit everyone’s needs. I don’t buy into the marketing or the zealots. If someone asks me what they should get (and being a technology geek, they often do), I usually respond with several questions. What do you need the device to do? What is your budget? If I know the person to be ummm…technologically challenged and not concerned about budget, I’m sending them to a more intuitive and easier to navigate Apple product. Because Apple controls the hardware, the operating system and controls all the applications/music/movies etc that you can install on your device, it is going to be more stable. If the person is a budget conscious, techie and can handle (or prefers) digging some and tweaking settings, I would send them to Android/PC product. Hell, if someone told me that all they wanted to do is get corporate email, I’d probably send to a Blackberry.

For someone like me, who has fully integrated Google into my digital life, my Android device is perfect. At home, I want to have the fastest system I can for the cheapest price. Apple products don’t fit those requirements. You should see my daily use laptop. I have rebuilt and overclocked it so many times. The shell is falling apart, BUT I would put that laptop up against most of the new MAC products as far as speed. It really does look like a POS though. Nothing on the inside is the same as when I originally purchased it. If I’m upgrading and tweaking so often, I can’t afford to be using a MAC. I get the argument that you can buy a MAC and it will last for the life cycle of three PCs. But that is not what I need.

For someone like my fiancée, who is super smart but somewhat technologically challenged, we have a MacBook. She doesn’t use Google products and absolutely doesn’t want to go in and tweak things. When she is due for her next phone, it will probably be an iPhone.

I wish someone with more resources then I would conduct an experiment. Take a few extremists on all sides (MAC, PC, Android and hell why not a Crackberry guy) and FORCE them to use a different device for a week. Give them specific tasks to complete and see what would happen. If they were honest, I bet they’d be OK with each other’s devices (well maybe not the guy who got the Blackberry). 😀

MAC vs PC, What’s the big deal?

After a quick but funny Twitter conversation about MAC vs PC, I got to thinking, What inspires such fierce loyalty to one or the other?

I suppose I should admit that my primary computer both at home and the office are PCs. With that said, my first computer was an Apple IIC and we also have a MacBook at home currently. I consider myself a rational person although others might disagree.   On Twitter, I watched a MAC users bad mouth and actively attempt to “recruit” a PC guy to switch. Why are people like this so passionate about a computer and/or an operating system?

As I mentioned earlier, growing up I used MACs. When I first went to college I used a MAC in the computer lab. It wasn’t that I loved MACs and hated PCs, it was what I was used to. As I started taking more classes in the Business Administration building, I started using that computer lab which only had PCs. There was a short learning curve, but I didn’t want to walk all the way across the campus to the Arts and Sciences building to use the MACs. Soon after, while on the market for a laptop (that my parents where paying for) I made the decision to get a Toshiba T1910 (look it up). Since then I have been a PC guy. I have nothing against MACs.

As a business owner and an IT Manager I both own and support MACs and PCs. When deciding between the two I look at price, funtionality and the users preference. I can’t make a discussion on emotion. I believe the reason the commercial above get’s MAC users so upset is that it is true. I can purchase MUCH more for the money when buying a PC. MAC users would argue that you lose functionality and stability, but I think that is much more of a learning curve and personal preference then a reality. 

I have used and I am currently using both MACs and PCs. I understand the differences in the equipment and the branding. I can appreciate the passion, but seriously…do you really think there is THAT big a difference? I don’t.

Should I turn Comments off now? 🙂