Natural search engine ranks are important, but traffic is what you want.

So many clients get caught up in where they are ranked on the search engines. They type in their most coveted keyword and look to see where they are ranked. Honestly, I do that too. But, the most important thing in Search Eninge Optimization (SEO) is driving traffic for to your web site. Below is a great video discussing the topic.

SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday – When to Track Rankings from Scott Willoughby on Vimeo.

google, google, google and google

Are Yahoo and MSN irrelevant?

google I look at my Google Analytics (GA) every day for my sites and many of my client sites and Google continues to send exponentially more traffic to our sites than all others combined. I am not making a profound discovery, I know. Google has dominated the search industry for a long time. The interesting thing is even when client sites have superior keyword rankings on Yahoo or MSN (I am not even getting into AOL), Google still sends more traffic. Does any one out there use Yahoo or MSN?

BTW, I typed this on Google Docs and posted it using Google Chrome.