Some of you are doing social wrong.

I don’t generally like to judge people about how they choose to do social media. I think there are way too many “Social Media Gurus” and experts that do that much better than I could. I will share this one case scenario, however, that makes me judge you.

  • You follow me.

  • I follow you back.

  • You immediately unfollow me.

  • I unfollow you.

A week or so later.

  • You follow me again.

  • I don’t follow you back.

  • You unfollow me.


Are You a Twitter Snob? Why I am not following you.

Sad how all these years later, this article is still very relevant. Sad.



The popular and much talked about micro-blogging site Twitter has received a lot of main stream publicity recently. Whether you have been on Twitter for years or just joined you may wonder why someone follows you on Twitter or why someone doesn’t reciprocate your following them. Well, I certainly have no clue, but below I have listed some criteria I look at to determine if I will follow someone.

Don’t have the default profile image.
Twitter Default Profile/Avatar

There is no faster turn off then to have your first impression be this lovely avatar. Don’t tell me you can’t find ONE decent picture of you. At least put something up, a logo or SOMETHING. Seth Godin (marketing guru) agrees on the importance of the profile picture in his article “The power of a tiny picture”.

Have a description of yourself or business.
You get a chance to tell me a little…

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How the Facebook Experience Has Changed Over the Years.

Facebook, then and now.
In the beginning:

Friend, friend, comment, post, post, block, comment, block, comment, post, block, block, comment, post, comment, block, block, unfriend.

And now:

Friend, comment, post, like, like, like, comment, like, like, like, like, comment, post, block, like, like, comment, post.

I like “Like” better then “Block” and “Unfriend” but Facebook would be a nightmare without the latter two. Enough said.

Bacon is Good, Good Customer Service and the Power of Twitter.

Bacon StripBacon is Good
Stick with me on this people. I love bacon. I am somewhat of a connesuir. I’ve tried all kinds of bacon from all over the world. My favorite bacon in the whole world is Niman Ranch Uncured Applewood Smoked Bacon. It is AWESOME. I put this bacon in recipes, render it down to cook with the fat and straight up eat it.

Bacon StripGood Customer Service
Several months ago my local everyday grocery store Publix stopped carrying the Niman Ranch bacon. I gave it a little while thinking maybe they were just out of stock every time I came through (it’s possible, it’s dang good bacon). Frantic for my bacon I searched stores all around this area, nothing. I visited their website, they don’t sell the bacon online. Finally, I came to the sad conclusion that I would be without my beloved bacon. In a last ditch effort I visited the Publix website and completed the online email form. I simply asked why I couldn’t get my bacon fix anymore. Sure enough, the very next afternoon I got a phone call from an associate manager of my local Publix. He told me that my the product had been discontinued through out the whole division. Noooo! After my meltdown he calmly explained that he could custom order the product just for me. The only down side he said was they would have to order a whole case. Me, I’m thinking, where’s the down side? Awesome right? In less then a day I was contact by the grocery store to my total satisfaction.

Niman Ranch BaconThe Power of Twitter
As I am known to do with events like had just occurred I rushed to pimp what had transpired. The quickest way I know how was to tweet it. I love getting great service and when I do I want everyone to know about it. I tweeted the following:

Yah Publix! One email about discontinued Niman Ranch Uncured Applewood Smoked Bacon (my fav) and they put in a custom order just for me.

To my surprise, more then my “followers” where watching. Less then an hour later I got this tweet from none other then Niman Ranch’s Twitter account:

@webaggression that’s great news! Let’s all start sending emails! 🙂

My emotional replay was next:

@Niman_Ranch Seriously, you have the best bacon I have ever had. I love it. I just wish I could order it on your website.

Fifteen minutes after my reply:

@webaggression Stay tuned! I’m working on it as we speak. You’ll be able 2 order the applewood smoked or the maple within the next 2 weeks.

Now I am SUPER PSYCHED! I have bacon coming at me in all directions. THAT is what good customer service is about and that is why, when done right, brands SHOULD be on social media. Oh, and by the way got this post from Niman Ranch today:

It’s offical! For all of you who have been patiently waiting, you can now purchase NR bacon online!

BOOM! I love it. Have you had any amazing customer service experiences like this? Share!

Social Media, “you ain’t all that”…and websites your not “and a bag of potato chips”.

The title is a stretch; I think I was looking for anyway to quote Dr. Evil. You are probably thinking, “what the heck is this idiot rambling about this time.” Put simply, social media and a great website are nothing without a great product and great customer service.

To start, I am a web designer and I use social media a lot for learning, networking and connecting with communities, friends and colleagues. I also understand people who don’t like social media or don’t understand it. I am not going to debate that here, I am just saying…so with that said on to Social Media and websites.

Many social media “gurus” and “experts” will tell you that if you don’t have a social media strategy, if you’re not on Twitter and Facebook, you’re missing out. Most web strategists and designers (like me;-) will tell you that if you don’t have a great website, if you’re not selling your product on the web you are missing out. For the most part I would tend to agree with both of these opinions. Most companies could benefit from a well thought out social media strategy. Yes, most companies should have a well put together site and if possible your products should be available for search and or purchase. I could take this tangent and talk about all the reason why, but instead I wanted to point out a company that doesn’t really do either, but that I LOVE!

Total Wines. If you are not fortunate enough to live near one then I am truly sorry for you. For you all, Total Wines is the Costco of wine shops. They literally have every bottle of wine ever made (okay may be I’m exaggerating a bit). The stores have a HUGE selection of wines, beers and most have liquors as well. Not only is the selection awesome, the prices are cheaper then Costco. Needless to say I think they have a great product.

Other then prices and selection, when you go into a Total Wines (or at least the ones I have been in) the staff are amazing. You never have a staff member walk away after eye contact like many other warehouse stores. When they engage they make sure that you find what you are looking for. Their customer service goes beyond the normal since all of their floor staff have intimate knowledge of the wines and can recommend based on your tastes and price range. Great customer services.

As far as I can tell Total Wines has no presence on social media. No Twitter followers, no Facebook friends or fans, no LinkedIn connections and no MySpace what ever they have. If you visit their website, uh..well…umm, well (sorry guys) it SUCKS. Put in a nicer way, it leaves me wanting more. No product search, no ecommerce, and heck the navigation doesn’t even work in all browsers. Guess what? I DON’T CARE. I still LOVE them.

I hope by now you see where I am going with this rant. I know what some of you are thinking (besides you just wasted 5 minute of your life you will never get back). Total Wines could improve their customer interaction by initiating a social media plan. They could increase sales by improve their web presence, for sure. My point is they don’t HAVE to.

So at least one company tells social media and websites to “talk to the hand because the face don’t want to hear it anymore”.

Spelling – A Lost Art?

I will be the first to admit that I am not what you would call a strong speller. It’s not that I can’t spell; it’s just that I am too lazy to sound out the word and spell it correctly (at least I admit it). With the advent of spell checking software and word processors I have become spoiled to no end. I wrote my first paper on a word processor that had a spell checker.

Now that cellular phone texting and micro-blogging applications like Twitter have become such commonly used communication tools for both individuals and businesses, has spelling gotten lost? Twitter has a spelling checker as does most of the software that are used to access them like TweetDeck. By limiting you to 140 or 160 characters (for text messaging) spelling many times goes out the door. In some cases you are forced to truncate your message by abbreviating words.

How important do you think spelling is in common communications or in business communications on social media? Are you less like to do business with a company that has misspelled or abbreviated words in their communications?

BTW if U want to B my BFFL U can CMB, THX and HAGD.