What brands do you think provide the best customer service?

Good customer service is a necessity for all brands, whether you are a multinational conglomerate or freelancer. It can be the difference between a loyal customer who sings your praises and a bitter customer who complains how bad you are to anyone who will listen. More than ever before, with our hyper-connected society, where John Doe can have thousand of followers on Twitter, its import to make sure you are providing the best in customer care at every opportunity. (By the way, you can argue (hopefully elsewhere) the relevancy and reach of “social networks” like Twitter and Facebook, but they do have an undeniable effect on brands.)

Duhh…right? We all know customer service is important, so what’s my point? With everyone else creating their own awards (Addy’s, Shorty’s, Grammy’s, Golden Globe(y’s), etc), I thought I would start my own award. I give you the 1st Annual Rob Davis’s Favorite Customer Service Brands sponsored by web|aggression or RDF-CSB-SBW’s for short. Seriously though, below is a list of my favorite company’s that I have NEVER had a bad customer experience with.

USAA (www.usaa.com) – Provides insurance and financial services to military and their dependents. Hands down the best customer services I have ever experienced. I use almost every service then provide, so I would know.

Publix (www.publix.com) – My “everyday” grocery store found mostly in the southeast, I think. If you have been to one, you know why they are on this list.

[Oops, I can’t believe I forgot them, but I was reminded by a friend!]
Chick-fil-A (www.chick-fil-a.com) – The ONLY “fast food” restaurant we eat at. the food is awesome and it comes to you fast and with friendly service. If you don’t have a Chick-fil-A near by, I am sorry.

Total Wine (www.totalwine.com) – Provides wine, beer and in some stores liquor. They give expert advice and recommendations on wine choices. Unlike most warehouse type retail stores, none of there sales people duck and dodge to avoid a customer in need.

Whole Foods (www.wholefoodsmarket.com) – Natural and organic grocery, focused on fresh and local products. Everyone there is always smiling, except the fish monger but he has a dry sense of humor. J

As I am made this list I realized that two of the four are grocery stores. I am a foodie and I suppose I shop there more then anywhere, but interesting none the less.

So, what are your favorite customer service brands and why?