Thinking INSIDE the Box First

outside the box test
I have always despised the saying “think outside the box”. Truth is my distain stems from when a professor in a marketing class in college gave us “the test”. If you haven’t been given this before, give it a try. Here is how you play: You must connect all nine asterisks with only four straight lines and you can not take your pencil off the paper.

In college I couldn’t solve it, whatever that means.

Ok, with that explained I’ll get to my point. I understand the importance of the statement. Thinking outside the box is great, think outside your bubble, your comfort zone, think from your customer’s perspective. Over years I have realized that so many companies are caught up in trying to think outside the box that they don’t look internally.

I believe that before you can market yourself, your company or your product you MUST understand yourself, your business and your product. These seem to be popular buzz words, but understand your brand and define your brand voice. Who are you as a company, what is your purpose, what is your goal/mission?

For the sake of conversation, I have terribly over simplified my point. What do you think?

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