your website sucks, if.
You should know your website sucks, if your customers can’t find your site or they can’t find the information that they are looking for. Sad, but true, there are several business I frequent in my home town (the beautiful Greenville, South Carolina) that I have to type the URL into the address bar in order to find their website. Why even have a website?

Not Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and Listed?
Your customers should not have to search very hard to find your website. If you type your company name into a search engine and you don’t come up (at least) on the first page, you need to smack yourself (or SEO person/company). This is the minimum that SEO should do for your site. Really (depending on the competitive nature of your vertical), you should have multiple targeted keyword strings that you have top results for. Think about what your customers would type in a search engine if they were trying to find your product or service. Type those keywords into Google and see where you are ranked. If it’s not on the first page, again, have a conversation with your SEO team (you don’t need to smack them this time, just a stern talking to). Some keywords are VERY competitive and it can be difficult to get on the first page (usually short-tail keyword strings, one or two words), but long-tail keyword strings should be targeted first anyway.

Can Not Find Information Need?
So now that your customers can find your site, can they easily find the product or information they are looking for? Many studies show that web visitors will only click a few times before they go somewhere else to find what they want. In my opinion, a customer should NEVER be more then two clicks from any page on your site. You can have all the beautiful flashy designs you want, but if your navigation structure is such that customers can get the information they want…see ya! They are off to your competitions site. Make sure that you use a Site Map (good for SEO too), and that your navigation is clear and easy to use.