I come across it all the time. I here a reference from a colleague or see a reference to a company but when I go to get more information (Google them), I can’t find them on the web. Some times I find their website and it is a static page saying “website coming soon”. Is business really so great for these companies that they don’t feel the need to have a web presence? For some, that’s probably true. They are the best at what they do and make a living on referrals and word of mouth. For ever company in that position, I say “congratulations”. But even for those lucky companies that have all the business they can handle, I still say that you should have an updated web site. I would much prefer to turn business away then the alternative.

 Ok, I break this problem into to broad categories: 1) companies that have bad sites. 2) companies that have no sites.

 What is a bad site?

I will deal with this in more depth in a later post, but for now in sum, if I can’t find the site (you need SEO) or the information I am looking for, you have a bad site. I am a professional IT and web guy, if I can’t find your site or information on your business, you’re in trouble.

You REALLY don’t have a website?

Getting a web presence is easier and cheaper then ever. There really is no excuse for not being on the web. Start with a free blog (wordpress.org) if you have to or better yet hire a web design company. 🙂

BTW, a little side rant “…coming soon!” only works for so long. After a few months you can’t use “soon”. I have seen companies leave that message up for years and I know because of the Way Back Machine tells me.